Fix my car to give to a family in need of transportation

I recently had a lot of repairs done on my 1996 Ford Taurus wagon and it was all paid for by a family friend. A few months ago a transmission seal broke and I cannot afford to repair it.
The repairs that were done were 4 brand new tires, new breaks, new windshield, new alternator, new starter, new water pump and belt, new freeze plugs and brand new heater core that really kicks out some amazing heat and defrost which was a dream for the kids and I to have while getting back and forth to school and work everyday.
This car seats 7 and includes “way way back” seats with seat belts.
It has about 190,000 miles on it. It has a lot left in it and drives beautifully when the tranny seal isnt leaking. It s also in great shape body wise. Lol
I would love to see someone take this car and fix that issue and gift it to a family that really needs it. I would be paying it forward since the repairs that went into it were payed forward to me by a kind soul.
If you can find a way to fix it for a needy family then please contact me at 360-830-7536 My name is Jennifer Kelley
P.S. I have clear title in hand!!

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