IMPORTANT: Anyone can post a need for themselves or others, as long as they have up to date contact information. Needs posted should be for an item or service – cash needs will not be posted on the site. If you have non-cash financial needs, especially those that can be met through a third party such as a bank or company, be as specific as possible in requesting help with your need and be prepared to share third party information to assist in paying your bill. Once you post a need, a site admin will review your need and post every eligible need to the site as soon as possible.

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It is the hope at that the needs posted on this website will be met, but while this site is a virtual bulletin board where needs can be shared, the goal is to allow people wanting to help others to be able to find those in need, choose someone to help, and take steps to meet that need. By submitting a need on on this page, you are giving permission for to share your contact information with those who may be able to meet your need. This website will be periodically reviewed, and moderators maintain control of all content on this site including editing and deleting of postings as it finds necessary.newlife does not endorse or supervise any of the help offered by those that respond to a need on this page and is not responsible for the manner in which any assistance is given. There is no guarantee that any need posted on this site will be met. Outrageous Christmas is about people being kind and generous, and meeting the needs of others in their community.