2-person Hot Tub for pain reliefBremerton, WA

I have a friend who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease almost 30 years ago. This past October, he was also diagnosed with a Stage IV glioblastoma tumor in his brain. This has caused a lot more problems, but he is a fighter. The worst part is the pain that he gets in his legs and his feet from the Parkinson’s and the effects from the tumor. One night was so bad that his wife put him in the bathtub and it was a tremendous help to him, but then they couldn’t figure out how to get him out of the tub. In a conversation one night, she mentioned to me how she wishes they could get an easy access two-person hot tub for him to soak in and help with his legs and the pain that he gets. If there was one wish I could have for Christmas (other than a miracle from Our Heavenly Father to cure his tumor) it would be to provide this for my friends to provide some relief to him! They are both amazing, strong, wonderful people who have had a rough path in life, but they have kept their faith and their love and their hope and their peace, and they are fighting to live each day for Our Father and getting stronger everyday.

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