3 tires…but even 1 would helpBremerton, WA

18″ for 2008 ford Taurus X


just want to inform you i have heard from 3 people on this matter.
1st person had tires to give me that would not fit my car but maybe I could trade them…I asked for the specific on size etc so I could make some calls to find out if this would even work…they never got back to me.
2nd person had wheels (rims?) not tires
3rd person was asking me for tires :/
I am still in need of tires. My story is that my husband passed away last year and I have just gone back to work (October 2016) for the first time in many years. I am 57 yrs old.
Thank you for the effort on my behalf, and on the behalf of many others. Cool idea!

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