A blessed Christmas for eight kids that deserve itHorseshoe Lake Area

I’m the mother of eight wonderful children, ages 3, 4, 7, 11, 13, 14, 16 & 18. Four boys & four girls. I am also the wife of a hard working (when work is available) painter, who is out of work due to the season. Every year we scrimp, save & squirrel away money for the Christmas season. Unfortunately this year came with many hardships & along with those….financial upset. As of right now, there are no decorations, lights, tree, presents, NOTHING. We have a tree & some deco in the shed, but its heartbreaking to think of the disappointment when the tree will be all they see christmas morning. We dont even have stockings or stuffers for them!!!! Our families have offered as much support as they can, but can only offer so much before they are penniless as well. My kids are all respectful, generous, kind & selfless. They dont ask for much, but give so much regardless. I want to see that sparkle of happiness Christmas morning one last time as a family, together under one roof, before military & college take them away to lead lives of their own. One great memory to send this trauma filled year off & welcome in a new year with new beginnings. A fresh start for a couple kids who fell in love & turned love into a family.

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