a Christmas for my 3 kids ( 5,17,19)Seattle, Washington

I would love to able to provide a beautiful Christmas for my 3 kids.
This year has been real rough for me. I lost my job after being in the hospital for a week due to trying to take my life. This was the end result of being emotionally abused by the person I was with for 12 years. He recently left me and our son. Now I am battling PTSD that has put me in a depression. I have never in my life could of imagined I would be where I am right now. I dont want this to affect my kids even though it already has. I am doing the best I can in what I know how to do. My children deserve a christmas just like everyone else. I am not able to provide that for them this year and its tearing me apart. They mean the world to me and are the best kids in the world. They never ask for anything and are very content. But I know the things children do not say to parents that are struggling because I myself have seen my mom try her best to provide and still not feel good enough. But I was always grateful, just like my kids are. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you have very blessed Christmas and New Year!

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