My 22 year old daughter has had quite the struggle this year. She is a single mom of my beautiful granddaughters 18 months and 3 months. She recently had to move back home with me and is struggling to get to work now, because her car broke down. She has a Subaru station wagon that we think needs bearings, maybe breaks. I wish I could help her, but unfortunately we are barely able to cover the bills as well, due to a job lay off, and surprise baby for us as well. Yes you are hearing correctly. We have a two month old son 6 years after a vasectomy. So as you can imagine, times are tough for all of us, and we could really use the car so my daughter can make it to work. Anyways, I really thank you for considering helping our family for any help, since we just can’t seem to catch a break, even grocery cards or help with bills or diapers would be a blessing as I understand that mechanic work might be a lot to ask. Happy Holidays!!!

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