Christmas for 3 children (9,13,16)Bremerton Washington

Recently had a relationship of 2 years end in domestic violence.. With him left two incomes.. Its only been one month.. I work and I am however only 950 dollars away from owning the tiny trailer we live in.. I was able to borrow enough to buy a second hand x box for my 9year old son..its not the one he wanted but…Im didn’t come with a controller so I gotta find that to Lol. I really hate having to choose between paying rent or a Christmas for them..its not really an option..we have been homeless before…Im struggling to provide that sense of stability and security that having a home provides.. I wouldn’t ask for I guess this is where I ask for help…if this sounds like something you would be able to help with…I would be more than greatful..praying everyone has a happy holiday! Thank you for taking the time to read!

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