Christmas for my 3 teens, I only have 3 yrs leftseabeck

this year I was diagnosed with 3 diseases and given 3 years to live. the costs of treatment have been overwhelming, Medicare and Medicaid doesn’t cover all of it, So this year my 3 teens so far have nothing for Christmas. It breaks my hear ,these are really good girls, they work hard in school. my identical twin17 year old daughters are special needs but have career goals, my other daughter is 15 and also works hard. Please if your able to help this mama see smiles on her daughters faces come Christmas morning, it would oh so warm my heart. My memories of love and smiles happiness and pure joy mean everything to me. I am so blessed to have these girls in my life. they are girls they love clothes, makeup, music, audio books,assorted gift cards, going to the movies, two of them wants a one in all laptop and one wants a puppy. What ever help I get would be such a blessing to my mind. heart, and soul. Thank you for reading my story. may God keep blessing you and keep you well !!!!

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