Christmas for my family pleasebremerton

Hi everyone Christmas is a hard time for everyone I can’t wait for the day that I will be able to pay it forward. I’m trying the best I can to make things work and it’s just not in my favor right now. I have 3 beautiful kids 2 girls ages 13 and 3 and my son is 11. I would love to make a big deal out of Christmas this year as I never have been able to before. Every child deserves to have that one Christmas where they can remember that it was the best ever. My kids have been they everything with me and they deserve so much more. We all need clothes .

13 yr old girl
Size large/ xlarge leggings
Size large/ xlarge shirts and sweaters
Size 9 women’s shoes
Love makeup and jewlery very girly would love a Clair’s gift card or a visa gift card
Loves the color purple
Loves loves loves to cook she would love to getting baking supplies mixing vowles a apron

11 yr old boy
Size 18 jeans
Size large / xlarge shirts and hoodies
Size 9 men’s shoes
Loves Pokémon
Loves Minecraft
Would love a visa gift card to do his own thing
Loves going to the movies

3 yr old girl
Size 5t pants
Size 5/6 shirts and hoodies
Size 10 shoes
Loves doc mcstuffins
Loves little people
Love princesses
Loved shopkins

Size large/ xlarge leggings
Size xlarge shirts and hoodies
Size 9 shoes

Would love a gas gift card
Would love a gift cars to Fred Meyers for groceries and basic needs
Would love dishes

One of these days I will be in a place where I can pay it forward I will thank you so so much for reading this merry Christmas happy holidays and you all are awesome

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