christmas gifts and getting are power turned onMuskegon,Michigan

Please help are family this year for Christmas as I was laid off from work5 months ago and then my husband had A Heart attack and then He was also laid off after A two week stay in the hospital. So now we have been doing odd jobs just to pay On are rent and we are still behind on it also and trying to stop from being evicted. From are home! It is cold and We have lots of snow on the ground! We have been without electricity for almost 6 months now and can not find any help anywhere here in Muskegon ‘Michigan.Every organization we try to get help from say that they have no funds available to help ! I have 3 girls ages 7,10,12 and 1 boy age 14. If anyone could find it in their heart to help us we would be more then THANKFULL! We are usally the ones that help others out in their time of need but now we are the ones that are really need the help and need it bad This year! So anything would help us because we have no extra money and are JUST hardly getting by at all. Thank You for taking the time to read this and God Bless!Michelle

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