Driver’s Ed for my amazing daughter98310

Hi there I to tell you about my amazing 15.5 yr!!! I am disabled, and can’t drive. She gets amazing grades, takes honors classes. She doesn’t have anyone to teach her. Or a father in her life. All she wants for Christmas is Drivers ed at the Defensive Driving school in Silverdale. She is such a wonderful young lady. So smart! She makes me so proud! I wish I could give her the world. She NEVER ask me for anything but this was it…and her friend gave her a gift card she went and bought me and her siblings gifts!!!😭😭 Im so lucky to have her she saved when she was born taking me a dark path, she helps me here at the house knowing how much I hurt because my wreck…I can’t say enough. I just would love to make it happen for her. I believe miracles can happen…just look at my daughter!😍😍

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