Electric and water bill shut off noticesPort orchard, wa 98367

Hello I am in need assistance with my electric and water bill for am outrageous Christmas wish, I am only provider for me and my girls who are three and nine months I got in an accident with trying to light the barbecue and have severe burns on my hand and so far I’ve missed a week of work and the next check that I’ll be receiving will have to go towards rent and now I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to be able to keep my water and electricity. I have been waiting for an appointment from the Harborview burn clinic and have had to go to the hospital for daily dressings on my 2nd and 3Rd degree burns on my hand. My water is due to be shut off for the $70 on the 21st and I owe $358 before the 1st of January to keep my power on. It has been a really rough year for me trying to keep my head above water with paying my bills and supporting my girls but I make 10.20 an hour and my commission-based cell phone selling job hasn’t been very consistent and I’ve retired many of my resources already in my community from when I was on unpaid maternity leave earlier this year for my youngest. My mother is deceased and I don’t have a relationship with my father due to being placed in foster care as a teenager
I don’t really have much of anybody else to turn to for help and so I am here asking for an outrageous Christmas wish of assistance with my power and my water. I look forward to possibly hearing from you please do leave a voicemail sometimes I don’t have the best of cell service at my house. Thank you and merry Christmas.

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