Family of 7 in Dire Need of HelpBremerton, WA

Recent months have been difficult and we have been struggling to make ends meet lately. I was laid off due to a site closure and my husband’s hours were cut due to lack of work a month or 2 ago. As a result, we have found ourselves unable to pay our rent and bills, even with my mother-in-law’ s help. (She is currently living with us and has recently begun working a couple of hours a day.)

We are more $1000 short on rent and overdue bills for the month of December, and will be facing eviction soon. I am very worried and have been trying every community resource, with no success.

While I cannot and do not expect our entire rent paid, any help would be extremely appreciated, and at least get us closer to our goal.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and Happy Holidays!

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