Gas/store cards, bills, personalLakebay,Wa

We’ve had a rough year as a family, I’m down to 16 hrs a wk at work and struggling to keep caught up on everything. Help with any bill would be nice, gas cards as I use my car for work for homecare, store cards because the basics aren’t covered at food banks(personal care/hygiene), my 22 yr old is in need of clothes and I had to tell him that he’ll have to wait until income tax for his birthday present(he said I’m wearing out my clothes) he’s looking for work but has barriers due to disabilities. I would really like to get my daughter a tablet, she’s 5 1/2 and disabled, her speech therapists(thru Group Health and school) say if she had a tablet that we could put a language program on to help her talk, that she would be better able to communicate. We have tried other avenues and can’t get one, and with my present hrs I just can’t afford one. I am doing my best and hope to go independent as well in homecare as I’m not getting enough hrs. But it takes time to get started and find a client. We’d appreciate any help we can get, I just want to make sure my family is cared for and have their needs met.

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