Gift card for my horse’s navicular meds / or feedSeabeck

My horse has been recently diagnosed with navicular disease at a young age and it sucks. Hes my pal and feels alot better with taking his medicines each day. We are a struggling single income family with 3 young children (including twin toddlers) and are struggling to make sure my horse has what he needs as well as take care of ourselves. For last few months the vet has him take 2 different meds each day ( prevacox and a blood flow inhibitor) which are not cheap (as well as him having special shoes every 5 to 6 weeks) i would love a little help with the cost of his meds.( I order them cheaper from so a gift card there Would be awesome ) if not help with the meds I would appreciate a little help with getting him other supplies he needs like hay, grain, or shavings from like Wilco or Tractor Supply ect so that i can focus any money we have on his meds. Thank you for reading this.

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