Gifts for 2 children and vehicle helpBremerton

We are really stressed this year and can’t afford much for my family. My 4 year old daughter needs Christmas gifts. She likes my little ponies, barbies, dinosaurs, horses, she needs twin size bedding preferably frozen. My 2 year old boy also needs gifts. He likes dinosaurs, cars, racetracks, also needs a twin bed, and bedding to go with it.
Our family is also in terrible need of a reliable car, our cars front end is fallen apart and very dangerous to drive. I got this vehicle about 8 months ago from a apparently super shady car dealership and they absolutely screwed us, now I can’t even safely take my kids to appointments or go grocery shopping, nor even get to family holiday events. My kids have a lot of appointments in Seattle that we have extreme difficulty getting to. Thank you and god bless.

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