Help save ChristmasWhite Pigeon Michigan

Hi my name is Caryle Bingaman. I am married with 3 kids. We all live in a one bed hotel room in White Pigeon MI; at night we pull out cots for them to sleep on. This last year we fell on hard times and through it all my children have remained optimistic. I have no presents or even stockings. My oldest (she is 10) came to me and said mom I know Santa is not real and that it is up to you and daddy to get us gifts so if we don’t get any it is ok; but its not; I cant imagine their faces on Christmas when there are no presents. She is not expecting Christmas this year so it would mean the world to blow her mind. Though she may struggle in her beliefs in Santa I’m not prepared to tell my two youngest that he is not real. I still believe in Christmas miracles; with Christmas only days away can you help my family find ours?

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