Help with water/sewer and deposit for a new home.Bremerton

Hi there my family and I have fallen onto hard times and I honestly dislike doing this but I don’t have many options at this time. We have fallen behind on our water and sewer bill, car payment power and everything else. We have been trying to catch up since we moved into the home we are currently renting and have not been able to catch a break. When have been in the home we are living in now for a year and the landlord has sold it so on top of Christmas and 3 kids on one person income. We have absolutely no disposable income and fear on top of being homeless we are going to owe or property management company money for delinquent bills not to menation we have to pay for carpet cleaning and new application fees deposit etc… it’s just overwhelming and if it wasn’t for me having to set a example for my children I’d givin up long ago but I love music kids and I try my best to give them the life’s they deserve but I feel I can’t do it anymore alone it takes a village to raise a child. I’m asking for any help at all even if it’s just resource that I may not know about anything all will help. Thank you so much and God bless.

sorry if it seems like I’m rambling I just have so much going on in have no clue where to start. Thank you again.

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