I need my rent paid for this month (December)Belfair, Washington

I have been barely making rent $850.00 and I am supposed to be employeed but have not been called to work. Days I am not working I am faithfully looking for work with no luck. I havent heard back from some of my applied jobs. It has been a very rough year and I just keep trying. I am late with rent and will get a no pay vacate notice again as it was a struggle to get by. I tried to help people as well as myself by being roommates they took advantage of my kindness and never paid me just kept telling me they would and moving the date back. I know they have no intention of paying me and about a week ago they left and moved to NV. So now I am stuck with trying to get the rent that I thought I had covered and now I dont. I really would appreciate the help if I could get it. I have tried other resources but they could not help because of many I made in one month put me over and I am not even working there right now. I could have employment/classes with the union if I was able to pay the initation fee $500. But all the money I made during that time went to catch up on rent. I havent been able to pay anything else. I guess if it was possible I like both rent and initiation fee paid. My biggest need it the rent at the moment. Please and thank you.

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