In need of groceries and rent/utility/vet billBainbridge Island WA

I have a cat with a bad ear infection. I need to get him seen but I was laid off. Thanksgiving weekend I got a wisdom tooth infection and because of it I am on bed rest and I can’t afford groceries or my rent for January and I’m scared I won’t have a home, I’m running low on groceries and I’m very anxious. My rent is $626 and a grocery gift card to Safeway would really be handy right now. I’m trying to soothe my cats ear infection but nothing is working. He was taken from me, and when I finally got him home he was underweight with a rash and a severe ear infection. I’m worried it could affect his hearing. He shakes his head and scratches all day. I’m also looking for work. I’m very hard working and positive and a fast learner. I do not drive but I do take public transportation and I’m always on time.

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