need help for my3kids ages 8boy 6girl16montgirlbremerton washington98310

my name is samantha. and this is my first time doing this. looking for a new place to live so as much as i want to spend on my kids we need to find a place to live soon. where we are now they have sold the property and told us our rent is going up to get us out faster. so to say i am looking for a 3bed 2bath i am going back to school to better my life and my kids.THIS TOO SHALL PASS.. witch are ages from (8years for my boy) and (6 for my girl) and (16months) for my other baby girl. snow shoes for all 3 sizes from 14for my 8yearold 13 for my 6yearoldgirl and 16months size 10 and warm clothes and one or two toys. umm again this is my first time i dont know how this works hope it works thank you again and again god bless

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