Reliable transportation&/or help security $deposit1010 perry ave #210

A month ago our car had broken down and got towed. A few days after my boyfriend/ father to our children was fired from his job. Things were just starting to look up for us. I just finished my externship for college of 200 hours, 2months none paid. I was not offered the job until Mid December. But with bills and our lease ending in december I was forced to get a right now job. I have completed my schooling and able to search for a job in the medical field. Unfortunately with no transportation it is hard to get one kid to school which he will be starting soon and the baby to the sitters as well as their dad finding and starting new employment. So for now I am working a minimum wage job. It is hard because we want the boys 3 and 21 months old to have a good Christmas and smile but being unsure if we will receive help from the state the next three paychecks will go to current rent and saving for a new home. Also includes diapers, bus fare, some food, and some essentials. However. When I tell people what I want for Christmas I say a house for my family, some presents after christmas probably for the boys some toys and clothes. And then we’ll be able to get a reliable vechile for us. This lady asked me if I had any luck getting my family gifts. I told her no and she lend me here. In all reality I just want my boys to smile around this time and be able to go to holiday events. But if you were able to create a christmas miralce and bless us my gosh my heart would light up and break at the same time for a vechile and possible help with our new home!!! God bless who ever reads this i know time are hard for so many but at the end of the day I am very grateful for my family and just amazed with all christmas giving I see. Merry christmas and gos bless!

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