Rent and expenses of my husbands green card feesKlahowya

We are struggling to pay our rent this time of year as my husband works seasonal so I am the only one working the next few months plus the higher cost of heat and power. We have also been facing my husband’s immigration green card fees as he will at some point in the very near future have to fly home to Guatamala to complete his interview. The National Visa Processing Center has fees as well as his lawyer. We are trying to avoid the time he is spends away from his family to be as little as possible and in order to do that we have to prove family hardship. I know we can easily prove that having my husband gone for a prolonged period of time will create hardship on my family as it would on anyone. I just today received the email from the lawyer with the fees that will be needed to complete certain legal forms and for processing of his green card. I realize all these needs may not be met but any help could help elivate the finacial stress that is already there being this time of year when my husband doesn’t work and I try and support our beautiful family of 5.

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