Repair leaking roof, insulation, electrical, porchPort Orchard, WA 98367

I have been living under tarps now for almost 4 years trying desperately to get help with my roof. I was not aware that the shingles had been recalled, and now am unable to get any help from the company The roof leaks in 8 places I am a disabled senior, survivor of ovarian cancer, have tried asking for help through the Housing Authority and roofing companies only to be told, Either I make to much money and am over the limit, ( I make barely $25K per year), or my credit is not good enough, that is due to the massive medical bills. With the leaking that has occurred in the back bedroom, the signs of mold are now appearing Who knows what the insulation might look like, let alone any of the wiring that is in the roof

I also have 4 wall heaters that need to be desperately replaced The only heat I have is through a propane stove, which IF I am able to order propane, maybe once every other month that heats the house With the heaters out, 4 rooms have no heat at all

The porch is made of fir, and is literally disintegrating You take your life in your hands if you walk on it I am unable to get my walker onto the porch, let alone through the sliding glass doors leading to the porch Thus I am unable to enjoy the back yard at all

I have tried to go for a loan to help with all of the repairs, but due to the medical bills, my credit is not helping and won’t for a few more years

If anyone is able to help with any of the above, I would be forever great full.

Thank you for taking the time in reading this

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