Safe and reliable carWest Bremerton

Bremerton single mother of two boys 8 months old and 8 years for a safe and reliable car I own a 95 Mazda 626 with over two hundred and fifty six thousand miles I do keep all maintenance up on my car car’s been broken into six times and there’s a lot of damage caused to it because of it all of the seat belts in my car are broken so it really is not safe for me to transport my two boys but both of them have medical issues as do I so we are all at the doctor’s very frequently my eight year old son gets allergy shots twice a week and is home-schooled because of his severe allergies my eight month old just had surgery 2 months ago and I suffer from fibromyalgia rheumatoid arthritis arthritis scoliosis as well as other issues I’m asking for help either to somehow fix my car to safe working conditions or help with a gently used car or if someone is willing to accept payments of $150 a month I pay out of pocket for most all of both of my sons medication so money is very budgeted I need a blessing and a miracle I have hope and I’ve been praying I appreciate you and blessings

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