Special mom requestBremerton

I’d like to start by saying my mom is my best friend. She is the most loving person I know. She has been my rock all my life and everything I know that’s good is because of the woman she is and what she has taught me all my life. I do major fundraisers every year to help my community and she has often been on board. This year age, health and etc. Slow her down. She is often more depressed these days often for no particular reason. I think because she can’t do the things she used to. I’m watching her change alot before my eyes and it’s hard. She is like a part of my soul. Anyways we are a one income family due to my health and we live modest but comfortable. I don’t have extra funds to always do what I want but I’m ok with that because I’m happy with our life. I do however really want to do something special for my mom. So I guess my request is huge! I would love a visa gift card so I can take my momma to have a manicure, a nice lunch somewhere, buy her flowers and maybe if I have any left I’d like to buy her a fairy. She loves fairies. I know it might sound selfish with so many more important needs but my momma is so very important to me and I want her to have a day where she feels like she is. Thank You for reading my lil story.

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