To Help My SisterBremerton

My sister met a gentleman last year. They married recently however a few months into the marriage she realized he was a fraud and an abuser. To shorten story he is in jail for felony assault. He robbed my sisters account of all funds. He did many things. In doing all these it left my sister with nothing. We just got mortgage caught up with family assistance so her home was not forclosed on. There are no funds for Christmas for her two girls, whom are suffering over all this. There’s no spare money to even buy enough food or personal items. I am reaching out and asking that someone bless me with a few gift cards to purchase groceries and gifts for my nieces for the holiday.
I would love a grocery gift card and a walmart gift card or just one gift card to grocery outlet that has food, personals and stuff for the girls.
I will forever be grateful. Thank You.

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