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My car/work vehicle was recently stolen from our driveway about a month ago with every single work tool i owned. The only problem is that I had just bought this car about two days before it was stolen and didn’t have insurance yet so all of my tools could no be replaced from my car insurance and being a new business owner I have not even been able to accumulate new tools from the jobs I complete using tools from friends and family member who have saved my butt! All the money i make and receive these days goes directly to two placess, 1. To pay the rent for our apartment and bills that go along with this. And 2. To help take care of my girlfriend’s mother who is terminally ill with cancer throughout her whole body now and to top it off she also has multiple sclerosis, so all money that I have goes to helping her most of the time anonymously because she would kill me if she knew how I try to help her. Sometimes when you meet a person such as her you first off can’t stop smiling when your around her and being in presence just makes you feel absolutely blessed for the time you have togethe, she is nothing short of an angel I would bet eeverything on it! The tools I need to work can be bought from home depot, lowes and some at sherwin Williams. The biggest and main tool i need to be able to work is a graco or Titan brand painting airless. The other basic necessities are an impact driver for the small repairs I do to drywall and also mixing paint, drywall mud and texture in large amount, i also need paint rroller trays, roller frames and also an assortment of purdy brushes, pressure washer for the exterior jobs I do when the weather permits to remove flaking paint chips and also the pressure washer helps remove mold and built up mildew so that when i apply the new paint to the house it has a clean fresh surface to adhere to. If I could choose one thing or gift that would help me most it would be a giftcard to either home depot or lowes. I know that the lord doesn’t put anything on our plate that we can’t handle but I also believe that even as a man i will have to swallow my pride and ask for help it brings tears to my eyes knowing that the help i need will help others especially my girlfriend’s mother. I would be able to do this all myself but the time itwould take would be months and months which i have but the ones I love most may not. Thank you for your time and consideration for helping out people such as myself in times of need! God bless and hopefully one day I am able to return the favor and pay back what is so generously give.

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