Windshield rear sealBremerton

My vehicle was stolen last year right after the holidays. It was involved in another crime as well. My car was recouped but had thousands of dollars in merchandise stolen and damage as well as important files, etc. Was a mess. I have gotten most all repairs done. It’s taken some time. They had tried to also pop the back large window out. I need a seal that has to be purchased thru the dealer. I believe it doesn’t cost more than 75.00. I also have someone willing to do the work for only 50.00 instead of paying full price. He used to be a licensed mechanic and has done a the repairs from the robbery. So I’m asking for 2 visa gift cards. One to purchase the seal and one to pay for services. The seal gift card can even be for the dealership. It doesn’t matter. Right now I’m going to retape it so I don’t loose my window going down the road. Thank You for considering me.

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