Winter coats and boots for kidsBremerton

This yr has been tough. Lots of family health problems. Mother in law in hospital…she needs a new liver now. And finical issues. Hubby got laid off in August and hasn’t been able to find steady work. This year I couldn’t afford much of anything I’m just asking for new warm coats and boots and possibly new shoes for our five kids. We have 4 girls and a boy. I know not Seems insignificant but it would mean so much to me and the kids they either don’t have or have out grown what they have. Also if by chance we could get two futon bunk beds that would be amazing but the coats and etc are priority… I do have the twin mattresses but that’s it’s…We are very grateful for any thing that may come of this..Many blessings to you all and please have a safe and warm Christmas.

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