Xmas day movie giftcards for Hubby and older kidsNorth Kitsap

Once again my husband has been laid off for the winter and we are struggling to pay bills, let alone try to keep up with our family traditions. Usually we take the kids to a movie Christmas day, but this year it is just not something we can afford. “I can not even buy him anything this year, because I am home with our new baby and have no income at this time”. There are 6 of us all together, but I am willing to stay behind if it is to much. I just want them to get to do what they have always done. Plus it would be a nice surprise for my hubby, because he thought we would not be able to afford it this year, and of course they all want to see star wars. “Yes he is one of those guys”. Thank you for considering my family. Merry Christmas

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