Zoo Light Tickets and attorney feesPoulsbo washington

We had a baby born 14 weeks premature weighing 1 lb 12 oz on June 25th and came home on oxygen and monitors at the end of September. Our almost 3 year old (will be 3 on December 28th) was cooped up all summer at the hospital with us and being shuffled between the hospital and her grandparents house not quite understanding what was going beings that she wasn’t able to meet her sister until 95 days later when she was discharged. We would love nothing more then to take her to zoo lights for her birthday shes never been to the zoo and get her out of the house we have been at home on lock down with our preemie and will be until cold/flu/rsv season is over but we could manage an outdoor activity. Because of needing the time off to be with my daughter Anna in the nicu we not only lost out on my best 3 paying months at work but was told I could return the beginning of November to work which was a month after my original due date when I met with my employer at the beginning of November they told me I would be on the schedule the following week and kept being put off and then given shifts for December on my way into work after 10 years of employment I was fired before I had even made it to work. I have been in contact with attorneys but all want a $150 consultation fee, I should have been covered by fmla/FL and was told it was because my position had been filled in june when she was born and I never want them to be able to do this to some one again. I have been trying to file for unemployment as we are barely staying afloat with bills and was told because I have a special needs child at home who can’t go to daycare and has frequent Dr’s appointments I need to attend that I wouldn’t qualify for unemployment because I wasnt able to work ANY full time job available. Thank you for taking the time to read our story and god bless. I cannot wait until we are back on our feet and able to fulfill someone elses christmas wish.

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