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  1. Janelle Jones Bremerton

    Today I had a wonderful wonderful family come and provide not only gifts for my children and myself, but also brought a Christmas tree and Dinner as well. All of the presents are wrapped beautifully, with love. And they also got my son the bike he has been wanting. Thank you so much Kelly and family. I believe her husband’s name is Daniel. God Bless you all.

  2. Port orchard

    This year brought so many tears of happiness. Not only am I adopting my niece in a few short weeks but a lady and her co workers stepped up and bought my niece who has special needs a trampoline, clothes, shoes, and music toys. I am forever greatful. God is good and good people are out there. Thank you To the sweet lady and her team of friends who helped us this Christmas!!

  3. Jade Hanley Port Orchard

    New Life South blessed my kids and I this Christmas. I put a need out there about me being a single mom of 2 kids. We have attended Church for the past 3 years. Almost 2 years ago, I decided to put my faith in God and give all my worries to him. My request was that my kids needed warm winter clothing. Last night at the 7 pm gathering, I was overwhelmed with Joy when I was presented with gifts for my children. God is so Good, has been Good and will never let me down. For I have been saved from addiction, and truly blessed to be on this journey of faith and love. Truly blessed to be a part of the church that has always welcomed me back no matter what.

  4. Bremerton

    Thank you Outrageouschristmas . I was surprised with a phone call to meet up with a lovely lady .She said I have a small gift for you. Well met with her and it was a blessing with gift card for food and a gas card. It was really a surprise. And a blessing we needed. Just keep the faith things really do work out when least expected .God bless I can not say how thankful i am, Merry Christmas .

  5. Keren Silverdale

    My little family was blessed this year with some awesome beautiful people who where able to not only help with needs for our family and wishes for my girl, but who helped bring hope, joy and love to our home.
    It’s been hard these last few years and with added medical bill, and medical diagnosis this year money, emotions and hope where stretched to the limits.
    Even as I write this I have tears, overwhelmed by the kindness,
    May everyone have a wonderful Holiday season, and the very best year to come!

  6. Bremerton, WA

    I recently was blessed to receive a toddler bed for my son. There are great people in this world. I am very thankful for that.

  7. Chris Koebelin Port Orchard

    I have a girls basketball club that has had the opportunity for the past 2 years to help a family through this program. This year we were able to help a family in need of help and all 19 of our club members and their families got together and went shopping for food and gifts! Our girls range from 10 years old to 14 years old and the love and giving spirit in them is very powerful. Seeing the look on the face of the family as our girls loaded their vehicle with food and presents was priceless and heart warming. Merry Christmas!

  8. Alexandria Dogskin Bremerton Washington

    I moved here to Bremerton knowing no one but the father of my children and the staff from my assistance office. I have no parents or close family and siblings all no longer talk to me.. So I was pretty alone in my adventure into a new me and new chapter for my children. I was referred to this site by a random stranger and decided I would try my luck getting help with the enormous mountain of bills I had found myself facing after being unemployed for most of the year and barely scraping by on paying rent and buying diapers. I posted and the wonderful families from new life church helped me pay off both my water bill and my electricity bill. I cried so hard the day they told me. Never did I expect to have my need met. We had already decided there would be no Christmas. Thank you so much outrageous Christmas! And Bremerton. We are returning the favor to another family in need this holiday.

  9. Bremerton/ Gig Harbor

    I had the privilege of meeting two fine individuals in my community today. They may have been the ones to have requests answered, but I am equally as fortunate to have met each of them. Loving and caring for each other should be the expectation, not the exception. Thank you to both of you for sharing your need and a little bit of yourself with me today. All the best for a joyous season, The Lady in the Purple Four Door.

  10. I can not express how awesome people are. i met an outrageous blessing.My car really needed tires badly couldnt use car because as soon as you parked tires were flat when you went out in morning .So he saw to it that my tires were replaced .Also without asking my tabs had expired. .And I he got those to. Can not tell you how much it means to me I can not thank him enough. It comes deep from my heart there are very special people out there Merry Christmas

  11. Patrick Hornung Bremerton wA

    Thank you,
    Merry Christmas to all.

  12. Kitsap

    Being as blessed as we are i picked a family of 9 in need. Took her shopping and got more than her christmas dinner. I wish nothing but the best for everyone this holiday season. Hope others step up as well.

  13. I have one happy kitty .a mom and her son have him food and kitty liter for Christmas . He was really happy when he saw the food when I put it away . Because he knows the spot his food is stores . Lol he started purring so you know he is a happy camper . Thank you so much . Merry Christmas to all

  14. kitsap

    I was so blessed.A very sweet lady met with me and met my need. We say they are needs some may be but most are wants whether it be for your children or yourself ,And Outrages Christmas has opened there hearts to help us out.I could not thank the sweet lady I met with. I just wish everyone a Merry Christmas. And I will keep prayers going for all .There are so many special angles out there. And it is because the lord that puts in their and my hearts ,Love and helping others out is how we all need to be not just holidays. Thank You so much to the lady I met with and outrages Christmas

  15. Inspired to donate 2 big bags of baby clothes and toys to young couple to help fill a partial need on here after we recieved help with our dogs vet appointment. This site and idea of outrageous Christmas is amazing!

  16. Wonderful lady paid for my senior dogs overdue checkup and vaccines! Thanks so much for making sure our beloved Dashal got taken care of! This helped out my family tremendously! Btw vet says he’s doing really well for just turning 10! Thanks again

  17. Shawna Bremerton

    My son’s wish was to go to zoolights in tacoma this year but honestly it was not something that afford right now. A sweet couple not only got us tickets to take him but also a gc to get dinner too! My son is so excited! Probably gonna take him this weekend weather permitting! Thanks again if you are reading this!

  18. Kristy Kramer Port Orchard

    We got so excited with this concept that we also will be hooking a mom up with a tree and lights for the tree.

  19. Kristy Kramer Port Orchard

    We picked a family whose young son wanted to see Zoolights. My husband contacted the mom and we purchased Zoolights tickets plus we threw in a Dairy Queen gift certificate so they could have a treat afterwards. Jeff, my husband, met up with the mom and son yesterday and delivered their gift to them.
    Wish I could be a ” fly on the wall” when that little boy sees those amazing light displays!

  20. Epiphany and Charlie

    Thank you all for what you do, I’m so blessed to get the help my son needs and by all means would not ever take advantage of such a amazing thing that you all provide. Along with the amazing people willing to help, I just feel I needed to thank you all for your time and efforts. Have a very merry Christmas and God bless. 🙂

  21. Renee

    Thank you so much to Hannah and her family for making a dream come true for a young girl that needs to believe that dreams still can come true!

  22. angel garvin olympia, wa

    All my son has been talking about is the red dinosaur that got lost two years ago when we moved. Thank you so much to Kettie Angel for sending him an amazing, cool red dinosaur gift!

  23. Jasmine

    Joni and her mother took me to two stores to find a warm coat. And we found one then they offered to take me to lunch. It was amazing. Joni and her mother are the greatest people in the world, who I’ve learned are also helping others too. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t of had the best Christmas Eve ever. So thank you Joni and Vicki for spending the day with me.

  24. Janie Lewis Bremerton Washington

    My family was over joyed of a wonderful lady and her family that was able to bring more then enough. The email originally was for stockings and the next thing you know it was an abundance of gifts for our little girls. We were so grateful for this blessing. It’s nice to know there are still people out there that care. Thank you MISS Stephanie. And thank you outrageouse Christmas.

  25. Valerie Palmer Poulsbo, Washington

    Hi, my name is Valerie. I would like to share my story, and with a very humble heart ask for assistance of which I am very much in need of right now.
    This year has brought challenges to my life, many of which have tried my faith and made finding a Church and attending regularly very difficult for me. Throughout these trials though I have learned that The Lord often allows them so that we can draw close to him. I have been in two auto accidents this year and my wonderful mother passed away suddenly in April three days after the doctor’s found a large cancer mass on her liver. The pain I feel from losing her is too immense for words. A page in my book of life is gone. Almost three years ago I met and married a man whom I thought loved the Lord and wanted to grow spiritually with me. He started drinking heavily in May, got into a car accident in July while under the influence of alcohol. To make matters worse he drove his car into a pole. His abuse started with yelling and putting me down as a mother and a person but quickly escalated to physical abuse. One month ago I had to ask him to move out because I don’t want my son near it or him. With him went my only source of income. I am searching diligently for a job, but have yet to find one. My rent is due on January 3rd; I am $500 short. I have an anxiety disorder so I shake most of the day. In addition to facing being homeless my son who is 13 will not have a Christmas this year, I simply cannot afford it. Christmas is special for me, very special. You see, I was married to his father for eleven years and for the that eleven years I was a part of his faith … a Jehovah’s Witnesses. It took me three years to break free of the bondage I was held in as part of that faith. Through constant prayer I finally found the strength to leave, but it came at a very high price. Jehovah’s Witnesses shun their members who leave their faith. My family and friends cannot look at me or speak to me. I am, in their minds, “living in spiritual darkness,” but not in mine. For eleven years I didn’t celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, I wasn’t allowed. I don’t regret leaving that faith. I never will. Our Heavenly Father cannot be put in a box. I am saved by his grace and mercy. Salvation is a free gift of which I have been given! I don’t have to “work” to get it. Christ gave his life for my sins so that I may live again!
    I hope someone out there reads my story and helps us in our time of need. I hope my wonderful little boy has a Christmas this year. He missed out on so many of them.
    Thank you for reading my story.
    Valerie 🙂

  26. Shalee Port Orchard

    Out of the kindness of two hearts a very kind gentleman and wife came to the rescue and helped us out in our time of need, we were able to provide new clothes to out three beautiful children, my daughter will be extra excited and we thank them so kindly from the bottom of our hearts! GOD BLESS

  27. Kim Brownsville

    Our hard-working family of five had an accidental mixup with the paperwork of our gift request for local help.
    So I ended up posting a last-minute need just days before Christmas, and I wanted to make sure people knew that there still so many kind people willing to help, and that my need was met for my three girls for some gift assistance to help us with under the tree this year! Just days before Christmas somebody made sure that my girls have so much more than I could’ve been able to pull through for them. It is amazing and my family is so grateful! Huge thanks to everybody who had any part in this website or the process of. specifically the family that had the heart to help mine, thank you

  28. K

    We where blessed this year with the need we had for a winter jacket for my little girl. The one she had was light wight and soaked up all the rain.
    The amazing lady who gifted a jacket was amazing and added some thermals and some toys for my girl… It was way more then I could of imagined, and cannot wait to see her face on christmas day!

  29. Chris Koebelin Port Orchard, Washington

    I was very excited to be able to meet a need this year for a family who was in search of some groceries to be able to have a Christmas Dinner for their family which included a sick mother. I was prepared to meet the need myself with my wife and family, but thought I would bring the opportunity the girls basketball club that I coach and see if they would be interested in helping! Not only did the girls jump at the chance but their parents did as well! Our entire team met at the store and split up into 2 groups and set out on getting all of the groceries from the list provided. With coupons and smarts from some great parents we were able to save money which enabled us to purchase an additional gift card for the family! We had 2 of our players and parents deliver the items to the family who were very thankful! Giving is something that we should pass on to our children and I am very thankful our basketball club had this opportunity to make a difference for a family locally!

  30. Lynn Jorgenson South

    My story points to the humanity and care God has for all our needs….I use to make six figures and never worried about a thing. Ten years ago M.S. Came crashing into my life. Gone was the once successful job, gone was my husband and I welcomed learning to live on very little with disability. My van really needed an oil change-something I had put off for months… My stated need was met by a sailor from the central campus….my faith continues to grow as I’ve been loved and accepted by this AMAZING church family !!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  31. Robin McKinsey Bremerton

    First i would like to say, This group has brought back my faith in humanity. Last Christmas My best friend was in ICU, when we found out that she was going to make it we opened a gofundme account. That Christmas i asked everybody, instead of buying me a present i would like you to donate to her account. The feeling i got was great! So i decided that even though i have no income i will find a way to help someone every Christmas. This year i heard about outrageouschristmas. I posted about 2 teenage boys who although have nothing have given me so much help, for so little in return. I was blessed to be “adopted” by Steve and Kelly Freitas. They outdid anything i could have wished for..they even wrapped the presents..that in itself is a blessing because of my back injury. I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly and hopefully helping her with her little fur baby. I cannot wait until Christmas morning to see the look on “My boys” face..they are not expecting to have presents under the tree. I dont usually enjoy Christmas, but this year the gift of giving has made me smile. Thank you so very much for bringing happiness into my life.

  32. Rachel VanDinter bremerton

    When I posted in on here for my sister needing electrical work done in her house I thought that it was a long shot. So many people had offered to help her and then when they saw the problem they all backed out. Worse than that so many of them passed judgement on who my sister was and how she was living. She is a disabled single mom and lives in a trailer that is not in the greatest shape. No one knows her story, what she and her kids have already survived, yet they all seemed to think they had the right to some opinion. To my surprise someone responded to my post with in 48 hrs. Not only did he offer to help but he did so quickly. This young man was able to get the electricity going for my sister so she can be warm this winter. He also brought her electric blankets, and heaters. Taught her kids about plug safety so that they can avoid the problem in the future. More than that he showed her kindness. His warm words and smiles touched her heart in a way that it has not been touched in years. They were no lectures, no censure, and no judgement. Just one person helping the other. In my sisters thank you note she says “This message of Love and Devotion from God through your generosity has touched all the households in my family as they have witnessed my kids and I struggle with these problems for years.” This is what Christmas should always be about. So I thank you Eric and Family, our Christmas Angels, for reminding us what Christmas is all about.

  33. Billiejo Gall Lacey, WA

    The other day I posted that my 5 year old grandson called me crying because mommy lost her job and Santa wasn’t coming this year. So I posted that I need some help for him so he can have a Christmas. An Angel answered our prayers, Ashley got a hold of me and said she had some clothes for him and a Paw Patrol set as well as a generous gift card for Toys’ R Us. I also emailed her a picture of my grandson so her family could see who they were helping. She met up with my son and daughter, because my grandson was up sick all night. But she understood completely. So Christmas morning I am going to take some pictures so she can see. I am so grateful to her and her family and I wish them the best and a very Merry Christmas.

  34. West Bremerton

    A father of four lost his job in November. He posted a need on this website. Yesterday a man stepped forward and reached out to this father saying “call me and let’s talk about what you need”. Today we heard back that the father will be employed by the man who offered to help. That’s OUTRAGEOUS!

  35. Faith Bremerton

    I want to thank a wonderful woman named Sara and her family for providing my children with stocking stuffers this Christmas. She also went beyond that and bought me a gift as well. As a single mother I don’t usually have gifts under the tree in Christmas morning, it is nice that I will have one this year. God Bless her and her family ❤️

  36. Bainbridge Island

    My Outrageous Christmas friend gifted me two wigs she had from her dance with cancer. I will wear these for the next six months and then gift to another cancer patient. Another Outrageous Christmas friend contacted me and set up a gift registry for head covers. I selected the coverings and he is having them shipped to me. I have truly been blessed by the kindness of these wonder individuals. Thank you to the team at outrageous Christmas you have made my cancer struggle a little easier.

  37. The other night I met with our Outrageous Christmas friend. I gave her our Christmas wreath and Fred Meyer gift cards. We sat in the parking lot and chatted for awhile. Her story started with a bank account compromise, over $1400 was stolen from her bank account last week and she gave this website a shot after seeing it posted in the Port Orchard Facebook group. She asked what group we were a part of and I was able to share about DivorceCare. She asked if she could be part of our group, she’s been divorced for 3 years. That took the conversation to Jesus and whether she had a church family or not. She said, that she felt like God gave up on her while she was going through her divorce but slowly God has been showing her that He didn’t really give up on her and she’s been thinking about finding a church. Of course I invited her to newlife this Sunday! It blew me away to see how God used just a heartbreaking situation to connect just the right people to her. I love you guys and I absolutely LOVE watching what God is doing through all of you and your generosity.
    Thank you!

  38. Angelina Daignault poulsbo

    We thank Deliah and Bill our sponsors. We were greatly blessed by their generosity .our family will be blessed in many ways. We will get to experience an outrageous Christmas God bless

  39. One Bandaid At A Time Me to We Bremerton

    I help several families every year out. Not me/we. I requested some needs to help me on my journey as I rely on the community to help me with all the families. I have had a few needs for my families fulfilled as well as I have sent people to this website who have had there needs met. This site is amazing and what a wonderful way to help people. This is love in action!

  40. Brittany Tacoma, WA

    I feel so blessed to have met my sponsor and his mother. He went beyond what I could have ever imagined. My sons first Christmas will definitely be memorable. He now has pajamas for every day of the week and an awesome set of toys to open.

  41. Nicole Silverdale, WA

    Thanks to Jennifer my kids are having an amazing Christmas, she went beyond what I asked help with and Im truly forever grateful! 💜

  42. Dana Bremerton

    Dear Sponsor,
    I do give the thanks and glory to God who pulled us together to help my family with a need that seemed so impossible that I was at a loss of what to do.
    My sister posted on the website and immediately a response came of which I was completely surprised as I knew nothing of this. We have struggled with our electrical problems for the last couple of winters. No heat and eventually we were not able to cook or heat food in our microwave.
    My sister contacted me to let me know of this generous program called Outragous Christmas. A gentleman called and immediately came over and worked on our electrical problems. He left that day leaving us with a space heater and most of the repairs done with a promise to return. Next morning on his way to Church he dropped off 2 heating blankets and to ask how things were going.
    There are alot of wonderful people such as this person who have much love and kindness to make a difference in peoples life. No matter how small or impossible the need many be don’t hesitate to ask.
    I feel very blessed to have had my sister write in and state my family’s needs and i wish those who are giving a Thank you from my family to yours and to thank GOD for these blessings.
    Also I wish those in need to post their needs. I know time is short but these dedicated people helping others want to make a difference in your life. Everyone falls on hard times.
    Thank you my living sister for reaching out on my family’s behalf and thank you so much for warming our hearts and our home our Outrageous Christmas Sponsor…God Bless You and your family and thank you so much.
    Merry Christmas from our family and especially from me. Being a single disabled mom, this gift was more than I could have imagined. If not for your help we would have had to abandon our home just to seek help where so many don’t even have a roof over their heads.

  43. Natasha Bremerton

    Our vaccum just quit working recently and with three kids the dirt can really pile up. i heard of your website and tried it out. Within day i received a response! Special thanks to Robyn, her husband Reggie & family for gifting there unused vaccum to us.
    God bless!!

    Natasha & Family

  44. Casandra pugh Bremerton

    I am a single mother of two toddler sisters. Im going to school and working part time on minimum wage. I did not have any extra money to purchase Christmas dresses for their special play. I put in the need and this wonderful lady bought them dresses, shoes, and sweaters. I’m thankful for this website and the wonderful caring individuals who meet needs for the needy. When Im in a position to give, I will definitely return the favor. Thank you, god bless and merry christmas. Xoxo 2015

  45. Bremerton Washington

    My daughter put in a need that i needed shoes “mom” and without knowing, I put in a want that i would love to have a ham for Christmas dinner since were not going to have presents all we wanted was a good Christmas dinner so i put it in the lords hands that if it was to happen he would put it in someones heart to help us. We got a message that someone was going to meet our needs. Today we met this wonderful gentleman and his mother that helped us with both our want and need. I know it was the lord that put it in their hearts i had only wished that i had asked them if we could have said a Christmas prayer over all of us but i had not. So when I got home i knew that i had to thank the lord and let all of you that are reading this message that their are people out there willing to help but you need to be willing to ask and not be embarrassed as i was. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for my family and most of all i thank the lord for putting them in our lives.

  46. This year has not been the greatest for me financially.  I struggle day to day even with having two jobs. I posted on this site last year and was amazed . I was hoping to help someone out this year but due to lack of work at the beginning of the year it wasn’t possible. I was contacted saying that some wanted to help me and I was able to pay rent and buy presents for my daughter… I want to repay the favor and one day I will be able to. I am glad to say that I looked through all of the post and I found someone I can help with something I have double of. This site rocks … you guys are an inspiration 

  47. A lady from Bremerton submitted a desperate need on for rent ($300) by January 1.

    On Christmas Eve, a family from Bremerton asked to meet this need: “My family wants to pay this for you!”

    Shortly after that, received this email from the lady in Bremerton:
    “[the family] ha[s] not only been my Santa Claus this year, they have been a Blessing to me. I am very happy to let you know that my need has been met, Thanks To Outrageous Christmas and The … Family. THANK YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!”

  48. Kim Miranda West Bremerton, Wa.

    I was in the very scary situation on being Evicted. I needed to give my landlord a minimum on $300. before the 30th of December to stop the Eviction. As my time was running out i was really beginning to believe that i was going to out in the cold in just a few days. I hadn’t checked my email for 2 days because i was busy stressing and trying to figure out where i was going to go. Well i could sleep well on the night of the 26th of December and about 3am (early morning on the 27th of Dec.) i went to my computer and looked at my email. There was an email from My Special Family Of Christmas Angels That Was Sent To Me On Christmas Eve… The email stated that this gentleman and his family were able going to help me and they were able to met my need. I was happy (i could hardly believe my eyes) i started to cry as i had to kneel down to “Thank God For This Family And This Blessing!!” I want to say Thank You To Outrageous Christmas For Being Here For Those In Need And For Those Willing And Able To Give!! “A Very Special Thank You To My Family Of Angels That Came To My Rescue!!” “GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!”

  49. Heidi Wolf Port Orchard

    This last year we went from a family of 4 with 2 incomes to a family of 6 on one income. God blessed us with twins! Money has been tight and I posted 2 needs. One for 3 doctor co-pays for upcoming appointments for our kids and glasses for our son, and another for crib liners for our twins. We had 3 people respond! All our needs have been or will be met. In addition, a couple that responded after a need was met still decided to purchase gifts for each of our kids and us, a box of diapers, wipes and a full stocking. They came to our home and visited for a while and we felt very blessed by them! Even though we have no money to help I really wanted to give back somehow. So one night I went through all the needs and was very pleased to find two needs we could meet without spending a dime! We had, in our home, items others needed but we weren’t using them! This is such a nice program! Thank you all for what you do!

  50. andy meeker CK

    I didn’t post this as a need but its still a really cool story. I’ve been trying to fix my old suburban up to be able to haul trailers. however due to some unforeseen circumstances i had to sell it. but then a few weeks later a member of our church told me to start using his truck to haul. When i went to use it the first time he told me that he and his wife wanted to give it to me. and i just wanted to take a moment to give a shot out to them. So a big thanks to the Koni family.

  51. Janelle Jones Bremerton

    A few weeks ago I posted a need for a Nintendo DS for my 6 yr old son. He has been asking for one for 3 yrs. Last night, I met a wonderful woman who not only bought him the DS, but also a case. Her children sent a Spiderman game for him that had belonged to them. I am so grateful to this family, I cannot even express it in words. God Bless Them!

  52. :) silverdale

    After having a breakdown, I got up, wiped my tears away and got on I posted my need. I was not asking for much, just ANYTHING in reality. For the first time, my husband and I hit rock bottom with our children. Not to mention, my mother in law’s health is deteriorating as the days go by. Anyway, on 12/15 we got a call from the bank stating that if we don’t pay, they will repossessed our car. (the only reason we got this car is because our old one stalled tires locked, and turned off while I was driving it) Anyway, we returned Christmas gifts, and birthday presents. we were able to pay half of the car and got an extension until 12/18. We ran out of food, since we couldn’t afford to purchase and we were literally just stuck. I got an email from an angel stating that she has some money we can pick up. Well with that and some of the change we found laying around in purses, cars, under carpets, etc, we were able to come up with the other half. Thanks to her, our car is not being repossessed, and once we get back on our feet, we’re going to start a pass it forward chain. We will match the amount she gave us and pass it forward to a family in need. THANK YOU so much. Wes, you and the team have an amazing thing going on and because of you and people like you I have faith in humanity. GOD BLESS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS

  53. Janine Freeman Port Orchard WA United States

    On my way home i saw a homeless man outside Wal-Mart…had my leftover potluck so stopped and gave him a big helping and some Christmas sweets..felt great everybody’s in need but I gave what little I had and he was very happy with the offerings.

  54. Belfair

    On a whim and as a complete lasy resort, I asked for a refrigerator. As a single mom I haven’t been able to save any money to replace the one I’ve been borrowing for the past 9 mths. Tonight, not only did I recieve a refrigerator, it was delivered. THAT is outrageous. Thank you so much.

  55. Anonymous

    I was a recipient of Outrageous Christmas this year. I am not a person who asks for help but someone posted a simple need I had. it was just to stack wood outside our upstairs door. It was a task that was difficult for me accomplish but thought eventually I would get it done. My daughter posted this need on the website and had several people respond. As it turned out, a young man that spent quite a bit of time at our house and another gentleman came and stacked the wood in no time at all. It may not seem like much to most, but to me it was so very wonderful. It was a great example of generosity to my family. Thank you for being Outrageous!

  56. Angie Allyn

    I posted a need for a single dad with two little girls. The request was for Christmas dresses and shoes. Not only did someone meet that need, but they also included tights, warm, fuzzy gloves, and a box of my littles pet shop toys. They were so generous and desired to meet any other needs they might have. The dresses and shoes were so adorable. The dad was completely overwhelmed and excited. Thank you making this families Christmas outrageous.

  57. Heather Garner bremerton washington

    So I want to thank those who helped me with a tree and decorations. My faith in humanity is restored by a few simple kind gestures from a few kind hearted people. What I mean to say is this, people are people, some good some bad, not all are the same, there is true kindness and love for others out there, it may not be as easily spotted as it used to be but it is there, those who truly care for one another are a gift from above. We have been so blessed these past few weeks that I could not help but share how I feel. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas my friends and family. Thank you Shan Marie, and for the life of me I cannot recall the other gals name but she is no less appreciated, hopefully she will read this and know she is so very appreciated.

  58. Wendy Purdy

    I Serena and her family Jesse, Brittany and Trevor are an amazing family. Not only did they help with warm clothes for my boys they restored my faith. I lost faith many years ago but my heart is once again open to the lord. I know he brought them into our lives not to buy the kids clothes, but to help me find my way back to him. I’m looking forward to attending many future services with them. Thank you Jesus for bringing this family into our lives.

  59. Memary LaRock Bremerton, WA

    A very kind woman and her husband met my need and I am so grateful, for her and her husband because of them we will have a good christmas

    Thank you so much for this site…GOD bless you all and Merry Christmas

  60. Heather Garner bremerton washington

    another thank you to another kind lady for a tree, I do not think I would have been able to decorate for christmas if it were not for this site and the lovely people who help others on here.

  61. Shannon

    I met a man and his wife after placing a need. I was in dire need of groceries and didn’t know what to do. They not only met my need but exceeded it. Thank you so very much. You were Angels sent from above I have no doubt about that

  62. heather garner bremerton washington

    This is not so much of a story as a thank you.
    I received an email yesterday about one of my requests and the woman is even kind enough to bring them to me, I don’t know if names are not allowed but she knows who she is as I will thank her in person as well. Plus a huge thank you to those who came up with this beautiful idea and put it into motion.

  63. Anonymous

    Donated some cash to a single mom in need with 3 kids and another new friend is also helping her. Received some much needed prayer and my body felt perfect at that moment and is feeling better today. Thank you for the prayer from this single mom to me and all the people she serves. Thank you Lord for our Church and all the willing members who help each other. We are “People Becoming the Church” <3 The love of this church is healing my broken heart as well.

  64. matthew Daignault West Bremerton

    I donated to bell ringer in front of Safeway twice. Broke my new phone the 2nd time went to cc market and used the last of my money to buy the random persons groceries behind me. Pay it foward. God bless

  65. Melanie Cyr Port Orchard

    Went grocery shopping and bought a bell ringer some hot cocoa and thanked him for his volunteering. Wished him a a Merry Christmas and we both had big smiles on our faces as we parted ways.
    What an awesome feeling!

  66. Anonymous

    My boss’s car was in the shop today, and needed to run a quick errand, so I told him to take my car. I joked with him that if he had time, to stop at the car dealership and have them replace the battery in my key fob. He not only did that, but noticed my gas tank was only 1/4 full, so he filled my car up with gas. It really meant so much to me that he took time out of his busy day to do those two little things for me so that I wouldn’t have to later.

  67. Anonymous Silverdale

    Really felt God asking me last night to trust Him when I thought about giving to a father and his daughter. They had a dream and I got to help meet the rest of what they needed. So quickly after church I got to the ATM and only had a Justin Bieber case in my car and ended up putting the money in it with a simple anonymous note to the family from outrageous Christmas. So excited for them to open up their door to see it and see what’s inside!!!! I hope they read this and if you are, I hope you know God sees how hard you work and wants to bless you and your family 🙂

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