Behind on my bills

Ive been taking care of my 70 year old dad and he recently had a stroke and his kidneys are failing and he only has a short time left before passing away and I had to put him in a hospice facility cause I couldn’t take care of all his needs but the closest one is in Tacoma and I’ve been paying for as much as I can but doing so Ive fallen behind on everything all my bills are way past due and I figure am about 1300$ behind on my rent the most important thing right now can’t afford to lose my place again covid 19 cause me alot of problems and unemployment failed me last year making me homeless and I just got in here 6months ago and now I’m 2 months behind cause I’ve been paying for my dad care to make him comfortable before he passes away so been rough for me and a hard decision but I believe what I’m doing is the right thing just keep praying for a miracle to get help on my rent for Christmas thanks and God bless

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