Family of 6 plus 1 needing a little assistance with the holidays this year

Hi there my names Jamey and I have 4 kids plus my oldest sons bestie who we all love and treat as our own anyways so yea we have been through some stuff this last year as everyone has, but im asking for help mainly because we have been stressed out too the max with everything going on and trying to keep everyone safe and well and still go to school. We tryed home schooling the kids but it turns out im not a teacher… Lol long story short here two of my sons lost there fathers within the same week, 6 days apart actually. One was from a drug overdose unfortunately and the other was from pneumonia from covid so needless to say my house has been a emotional roller coaster for everyone. So with all that and everyday life and having to stress about bills and rent it would just be awsome to not have to stress about christmas for my kiddos, they didnt ask for any of this or to lose there dads either. So they deserve a good day and a good christmas. Ok heres the line up… We got Nate whos 18 and a Sr in high scholl, his sizes are Men’s L to xltall hes over 6 foot now…. Pants he wears a 34 I think or a XL pj bottom shoes are size 12.5 to 13. Hoodies are a 2xl… He wants to learn to work on cars so tools or a tool set/box would be cool. He also likes to play his xbox with his friends, hes kinda hard to shop for sometimes so gift cards are always good too and he likes seahawks and marniers and he likes to draw too….
Ok second is my sons friend hes into the same things as my son is so its kinda simple to shop for i just get 2 of everything just different color and size, hes in a large and I dont know the pant size ans pj bottoms are a XL hoodie XL shoes are 11, he also wants to learn to work on cars and he likes to listen to music a lot and rc cars. Then we have Rj hes 9 and wears husky 12 to 14 everything and shoes are a size youth 6 boys he’s really into ninjago legos and mind craft legos and rc cars nerf guns and legos! But he needs a warm blanket honestly, we live in a 5th wheel so some nights are colder than others so a warm blanket would be amazing. Then we have Caleb whos 8 and wears size 10 husky everything and shoes size youth 3 boys, he’s into Jurassic park or dinosaurs period. He likes Jurassic park legos and nerf guns and legos, and hot wheels and both little boys like to draw a lot…. And last of the kids we have little princess miss johnnie rae, shes not only the baby but the only girl in the bunch of boys so shes the boss of them all…lol…. Shes so awsome and different from raising boys to finally have a girl its so fun, shes 2 going on 16, shes a girly girl too she loves to let her aunty do her hair and I do her toe nails and shes good too go… She loves to play with her little people play sets she has, she loves the princesses ones she has a frozen castle and the sleigh and she has the little people house with the pool already but its amazing just how many little people play sets they have out there…. She loves to color and draw but no markers please unless its color wonder mess free ones then thats perfect, she wears size 3t to 4t and shoes size 8 toddler and oh my this girl sees the shoe isle and gets super excited about it. She’s great. But yea shes super easy and too much fun to shop for… She wants a chair like the big Joe bean bag chairs ya see at wal mart. She has a recliner already but she was given it 2nd hand so it was already in pretty bad shape and she has 2 older brother who cant seem to keep our of it so its pretty hammered and needs to be replaced. Shes into unicorns and cocomelon and gabbys doll house too. Well that’s all for the kiddos in this family. Oh im sorry we also have a 1 and half year old bullmastiff pup that is a mini moose but she dosent need much for xmas maybe a bone and shes good. Thats it other than my husband and i but all were concerned about was the kiddos. Thank you do much for reading my short life story here, hope you all have a good holiday and a blessed new year!

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