Help with storage please

Hi so I’m here to ask for help for a good friend of mine who’s about loose all hers and her kids things in storage, I just found out she’s 2 months behind and wants to move out of that storage facility and get a small storage shed type thing to put her stuff in at her house instead. She lives in a 5th wheel so there’s not A LOT of storage in it and she has 3 kids living with her so space is tight to say the least. So if someone could help her pay the past due and maybe a month or 2 in advance to give her time to get a shed at her place I know she’d appreciate it greatly. Her storage is $80. A month and she owes 2 months back so that’s $160.00, and if someone could help her with another $80 or $160 for a month or two ahead that would be so awesome and a stress off her back for a moment. Thank you and have a nice Christmas and safe new years!

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