Long road ahead for my brother

My brother is Lance West, He’s a father to a beautiful and most amazing daughter Difinity. She is 6 and everyday with her is an experience. Always in a good way. He’s never asked for anything ever. Have always been, I can do this and will take care of my daughter and partner of 10 years. His partner Megan and Lance are in a situation We never anticipated. In July he got terribly sick with Covid then with a blood infection and an abyss on his kidney. Through many tests they also found his heart was functioning at 25%. They classify that as Heart Failure. He now is facing open heart surgery with a triple bypass. He’s only 41 He hasn’t worked in 5 months, and struggling with how to celebrate Christmas. He is grateful and thankful for his family and would be very appreciative for some help. I wish I could help but this year has been really tough for all of us. Thank you

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