My kids may not have a Christmas this year

I have 3 kid to buy gifts for on x-mas morning and the gentleman that hired me the week of December to help him find a remodeling project has choosen to do my family and I wrong by not paying at all and I ask at the time of getting hired if he would save all my earnings until the last day of work and then pay me for the entire amount of time I had into the project which I ran by him everyday so it wouldn’t be a shock at the end and everything was accounted for . Yesterday was the final day and I was waiting to get paid all day cause we finish everything up by 9am and the last thing I heard from the contractor was that he was heading to the bank to deposit the customer check into his account and then he would call me. And meet me to pay me instead I never heard a word and when I tried contacting him all of a sudden his phone was disconnected and it has been working the whole till yesterday morning so I decided to look up the company name and found out that there isn’t a company by that name at all so. I got scam. And have no idea how Im going to provide a Christmas for my kids now don’t have enough time to find work elsewhere and come up with funds to buy gifts and but x-mas dinner

I’m so sorry to ask for help and normally I wouldn’t of ask for the help but it’s not about me it’s about my kids and they been through a lot the last couple of years with there mother and I getting divorce

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