Veteran in need (my dad)

My father is a 76yr old veteran . He moved to Washington 10 years ago to be closer to his grandchildren. He was living in a duplex one side was himself amd the other was my brother and his little family. and the owners gave both of them a 60 move or be evicted. Meanwhile my brother was in the hospital fight for his life at 41. My dad on a very low income and was just getting by paying for his needs and rent. I take care of my dad but I have a family of 6 my husband had to quit his job due to health problems and my brother and his family are having a tough time now due to my brothers open heart surgery coming up on the 14th. My dad wasn’t able to move InWith us because neither of us had the space. So I was able to find him a independent assistant living place in Bremerton. His Heath is rapidly going down hill since he moved because now he doesn’t get to see everyone as much as before. I took over his finances because he was paying places he shouldn’t have etc. this is difficult for me because I have my 4 boys and husband that I need to be there for and my dad needs me for about everything it’s hard sometimes.. I just found out that he’s 4 months behind on rent and could possibly be asked to leave this place where he’s at now. His monthly rent is 2025.00 x3 This was the cheapest place I could find in the short period we had before they kicked him out of his other place. He doesn’t cook for himself and falls a lot so he needs help because I can’t be there all the time. Anything will help and thank you for reading our story. God bless Update: One Generous Person has stepped up to meet this need, and one out of the four months of back due rent has been paid; so that leaves three months of the $2025/per month rent are still due. 

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