Some Christmas joy for my girls!

I have been on a LOA from work since early August, trying so hard to get back to work! As of right now , Christmas isn’t looking very promising.
I have 2 daughters ages 8 and 5 they have been so understanding this year, we’ve only been in the position of asking for help once before a few years ago.
My 8 year old is more reserved, loves playing roblox, Minecraft, and watching Funneh on YouTube. She loves LOL’s, girly things, dancing.
My 5 year old is the wild child! No fear!
She loves building things! Dress up and Following her older sisters lead!
It has been a rough few months, but we try and keep our heads up. And are thankful to have each other! Any help would be appreciated!

Updated to say, they really don’t need toys but warm clothes or winter boots would be ideal.

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