Undergoing Breast Cancer Surgery and Treatment

Hello! I am asking for financial and other assistance due to my diagnosis of breast cancer. I’m so grateful to the many friends that are praying for our family and myself. My husband and I live from paycheck to paycheck (while also paying off quite a bit of debt) and at the moment I am employed as substitute teacher but not working during my cancer surgeries and treatments. I have already had a double mastectomy and am awaiting an appointment date for a 10 hour reconstructive surgery that is going to put me in the hospital for a couple of days and on bed rest again until I can rehabilitate myself. The commute to Seattle Cancer Care, plus medical expenses, and hiring a housekeeper to help with maintaining our home is weighing heavy on us. We also have my daughter who is a single mom and 1+ year old grandson living with us. My daughter works some very long hours often working through the weekend. She is doing her best to support herself and her son as well as pay off some debts. At the moment I have a very kind friend who is organizing ways to help us through mealtrain.com. Here is the link: https://l.facebook.com/l.phpu=httpsmealtrain.com40rzo6fbclidIwAR2VEFDwis6IUQYcjJGnKDA1iKRqjXrHJJcmbbR6ArL1_uEFkIBg41kTEs&h=AT0x8eV2baUqI13xMryE3VfplcDburiIvt0MSDVVYaCKRUQtqiLgKqHQq_wmA3df6QRrY27sMOa_21p3m5_2TgZSWt2bxHtM90VM5pFf0mhZ_lR3imvqKjdCUmLlenV8MtxYmviuhfz2cu3VImyj5g
I have been lucky to make it to church, do some grocery shopping, and even recently drive myself to my own appointments, after my surgery. This usually leaves me wiped out for the rest of the day, but I do my best to continue on with my usual activities to the best of my ability. Above all we just wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope that anyone can pray for us and give us a call or visit. Thank you so much!

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