Xmas help

I need help with gifts for 3 teenagers. I lost my job due to covid and I’m looking for work daily yet it is hard to find a job when you are very animic.
The kids are
Boys 17,13 they like a Xbox games and Nintendo switch games,
Skate shoes size 13, men’s 3 XL shirts and 2 pants.
Men’s shoes size 9 XL shirts and 2xl pants
Girl 14 she like nails ,hair, anything girly. She wears size women’s 6 shoes and shirts medium to large and pants size 13-14
They all love girt cards and Santa they still believe in.
Please Help me make this a miracle as I told them Santa may not make it this year. Ps my 13 year old.is autistic and love Xmas so I don’t want to let him down. We have a tree up and decorated but nothing to go underneath

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